Own Florida Property?

We Make it Stress Free!

As Your Property Manger We:

✓ We pay for a full Background & Credit check on Tenant.
✓ We provide you with monthly AND yearend profit and loss statements. Just print and hand to your accountant at the end of the year.
✓ Aggressive Rent collection leads to faster payments to you. In addition, we provide electronic payment to landlords free of charge.
✓ In the unlikely event that Tenant fails to pay, we have an Attorney available to you.
(If don’t pay – they don’t stay!)
✓ Monthly cap. We never charge over $150/per month no matter how much the rent is.
✓ Our goal is to – Maximize income & Minimize expenses!

If at some point you need or choose to sell, we are a Licensed Real Estate Broker and will provide a smooth transition from renting to selling. We know our rental properties well. And can sell the positive aspects better than anybody.

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